Friday, April 5, 2019

Baloney for Big Folk

Baloney is still around. You know, mild thinly-sliced sausage that just fits on sandwich bread. It has to be a century since the butcher sliced it off to order, since it's come pre-sliced and sealed in a plastic wrapper probably since around the time Superman made it to the comics. Reliably the same shape and taste in every grocery store here in the U.S., and likely elsewhere as well. Bologna, if you do your grocery shopping on-line. It's my belief that the secret for its longevity lies in a hearty dislike for undependability when one's wish is to just be fed.

Kids are known for that. They don't appreciate their food playing tricks on them. When, inevitably, we become big folk that need for something as reliable as a baloney sandwich, an anchor of sorts, does not leave us.

I could go off on a coffee tangent here, as I see coffee having some striking similarities to bologna. I will, instead, get back to something more bedrock, healthier, and more available. We as earthlings always have what is right under our feet. We have our Earth. It's vibrancy flows up into us through the energy centers in the bottoms of our feet. Those so-called first chakra openings can be widened with a thought. Try it. Say this, "I expand my connection to Earth so that I may be fed."  See if it doesn't feel better than baloney.