Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Cancer And Forgiveness

Three years ago, cancer came into my life in a very direct way with my own experience of melanoma and that has led to the development of Raising The Consciousness of Cancer Cells. Work that I now do with clients to bring light and hope to their experience with cancer.

What I have learned in these three years, and is of critical importance to understand, is that cancer develops when we harbor anger and unforgiveness. Without releasing the anger, without forgiving, we have not freed ourselves from cancer's underlying cause.

If you are now thinking that it isn't possible for emotions to have such a powerful effect on our bodies, just humor me. Check to see if you notice anger lingering somewhere within you. Ask it where it came from. Forgive the one who caused it. Forgive yourself as well. See how you feel. It's perfectly fine with me if you find it hard to believe that you have made a huge contribution to your well being. I, for one, will sleep better at night knowing that you have.