Thursday, August 8, 2013

Be A Flower

I live in an "on" environment.  In my environment, "off" is a very ungood thing.

You most likely live in this very same environment.  It is a very hard thing, to have "on" going all the time.  We can trash ourselves trying to do it.  Because we are innately flow-ers, which I have spelled here with a hyphen to save confusion. 

Our energy pulses, we have flows.  Women may get this better than men because we cannot but notice our bodies, made up of a lot of water, clearly and unequivocally flow with the tides. 

Given that our environment has moved so far away from letting flows happen there is little chance that it will change course, I offer a remedy in two parts:

  • No need to panic when the low part of a flow is occurring.  The high part will follow.  Trust that it will.
  • Just show up.  Be as genuinely present as you can.  Good things are still going on, you are still in the flow.

1 comment:

  1. ebb and flow, flow and ebb....even all this way from the ocean!