Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Heart Lines

Could there possibly be more ways to be connected?  Spectacular now, the ways we can access, link, be in person without our persons present.  I've got one more to add to our list of options.  I'm going to call it heart lines.  You'll see why.

  • Release yourself from all forms of electronic communication.
  • Access that internal power source--the breath.  With full deep, rhythmic repetitions until the body sinks into a neutral space free of thought or intention.
  • Shift focus to the heart, in whatever way that occurs.
  • Imagine the richness of its energy.  Its warmth, the color of its light, its movement.
  • Now utilizing the capacity of the imaginative state, locate the heart energy of the one you wish to connect with.
  • Send out a stream of light from the heart center in the direction of that heart.  Distance is irrelevant as light can travel easily. 
  • On that beam of light energy, send out a query to connect.
  • Keeping with this subtle awareness state, wait for a response.  When the offer to connect is welcomed, there will be a responding flow.
  • As with any connection, the time to release it will correspond with any sense of efforting.
If you enjoyed this first play with heart lines, you may find there's more to be discovered with every heart line you set up.  First because no two hearts are the same and and also because our energies are in constant flux.  Endless possibilities for play.


  1. This is a clearly written and powerful process. As I was reading, I was following your directions with my heart and someone I love and could really feel the connection. Will be doing this again. Thank you for this.

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