Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Earthbound Entities

An earthbound entity is a soul that has been alive in its own body, has died and is now floating, bodiless, near the earth. When it is a human who has died and ends up lost here near the earth rather than making its way home into the Light, it is often referred to as a ghost.

An earthbound entity can attach to someone who is living and will not only draw energy from their host, it will try to continue living through them. This creates confusion for the one the earthbound entity has attached to as the thoughts, feelings, desires and perspective of the earthbound entity become mingled with their own.

I have found earthbound entities from many categories: human, animal, members of the woodland/nature communities, plants, stones, extraterrestrials.

When an earthbound entity is discovered in a Clearing session, it is assisted to complete its transition into the Light.

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