Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Home Place

I live in a forty-nine square mile city.  It's big enough to have a ridiculous number of neighborhoods.  If you live in one, you find out you have neighborhoods inside yours that outsiders have yet to recognize.  If you drill down a little further, you can find neighborhoods with sort of floating neighborhoods passing through them.  We do not appreciate the floaters.  We call them homeless.

I bring this up not in the interest of making a political statement.  I am wanting to ask if you have found your home place and what it is that makes it so.   First, so that you recognize what is the core of it and you will keep even though things around it change.  Second, so that if you have not yet found it, you can begin to become clear about what you want it to be.  Because when that becomes clear, what it is you want is given the seed to draw you to your home place.


  1. home is not the place i hang my hat. 'home' is that place deep inside...the place that feels safe, loves and is loved. home is the storehouse of golden moment memories. home is the wonderment of today's clouds passing overhead. home is that seed waiting to burst forth. i carry 'home' with me wherever i go...

  2. Oh definitely, home is in my heart so we can never be apart. Every place we have lived (and there have been many), has been transformed by the love dreams in my heart. I watched several times as what was a simple extension of myself, took shape around me. Showing me who I really was and drawing more strands of beauty like a silken web around me and the home extension living outside myself. I learned that I could create a physical home that resembled very closely the home in my heart. And I can live large in what my heart has created for me.