Tuesday, June 18, 2013


On the twenty-first of June, not far from when I write this, we will be enjoying the beginning of luscious, hot, seductive, lazy-making and impossible to ignore Summer, with a giant moon hanging low in the sky on the twenty-third to kick things off.  Summer, being the bighearted gal that she is, asked me to pass this message on to you:

Dear hard working humans in the Northern Hemisphere, pleeese do come play with me!  I know you have to do the things to pay the bills, deal with disputes and other pressing concerns, keep the car going and the kids from running dangerously loose.  I'm not asking for you all to commit to earth-shaking, lallapaloosas of elaborate vacations (and I have heard some of you mention that the worst blow-outs you have ever experienced happened on one of those).  I just want you to give yourself over to play.  Simple fun.  Cheap, even.  I'll be there to enjoy it with you.
Your ever-dedicated friend who happily shows up every June and stays til September,

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