Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Do Overs

I worked for a time for a jewelry designer.  Fabulous things came out of his head, and most often worked out when they got to three dimensions.  When they didn't, the first attempt would be given back to the fabricator, usually with a re-thought description, for this thing called a do over.  That's all it took for something that had gone very wrong to turn into something perfect and beautiful. 

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could have do overs for those times and things that don't work out the way we hoped.  It will come as no surprise when I say we will not be getting them. 

This is not a place where everything is meant to be perfect and beautiful.  This is a place that is messy and turbulent and unpredictable and what goes on in our heads and hearts rarely comes out looking the same when it hits the ground.  What would we learn if we got everything right, or should I say, what we see as right?  

So let's try to get over our imperfect selves.  Set aside the guilt, take up the strength that is always embedded in our sorrow, see where we are in need of learning and do that.  Learn.

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