Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sticks and Notices

Final Notice!
I got one of those calls today.  I don't have the dimmest recall of a first notice, and if they are serious about not calling again, that would be more than fine with me.  They will, though.  They will do some slick form of auto-dialing and leave another recorded terribly urgent final notice message.  This will do nothing to get me the tiniest bit closer to choosing their stuff.  Makes me concerned about how they're going to stay in business.

I'm imagining now, how "This is your final notice!" would look done up in a sampler.  Instead of "Don't leave for tomorrow what you can get done today," for example.  I can't remember that moving me either. 

Fact:  You cannot get folks to do things by poking them with a stick for any longer than the stick is stuck in them.

If you find yourself poking yourself with that figurative stick, it's time to choose a better way.  I'm going to lay it out here for you to try.  It might make you feel self-conscious (okay, foolish) at the beginning.  Give it a week and see how you feel about it then:

Every time you do something that is the least bit not fun, exciting, uplifting and yet needs to get done, say, "That was great what you just did!  Thank you so very much!  I really appreciate that you  __________!" Every time.  Not necessarily out loud.

You're gonna love it!  I promise!

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