Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Higher States

Every now and again, science collides with the experiences of higher states and produces a result that is stunning in it's everyday usefulness.  I'm specifically referring to a recent discovery that brain wave patterns observable in recognized meditators matches the brain waves produced by laughter.

I suppose this bit of news is unremarkable for anyone who has spent time with the ones we honor as great spiritual leaders–they laugh easily. At times, they actually giggle. The meditation state, you could say, being so similar to the other.

Here's the everyday usefulness part of the discovery:

We all have it in us to get the juicy benefits–the peace, the open-heartedness, the ability to be in the flow of the moment–of higher states of consciousness.  Because we are engineered to laugh.

I invite you to take this nugget of guru-ness you posses, treat it with the highest respect and consider it as important a daily practice as a master of meditation considers their daily meditation time.

You'll be glad you did.

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